Business Portraits

If you’re like most people, getting a professional portrait done is something you have approached with reluctance. Luckily, now that you’re here you can totally relax. Over the years many people have told me “wow, that’s the best shot anyone has ever taken of me!” I’ll make the process of getting a great professional headshot relaxing, efficient, and even enjoyable. How does it work and what are the options? Read on:


Your Office or My Studio?

The answer is whatever is convenient for you. I’m happy to set up in your office - which is probably the most efficient way to do it if there’s more that one person. The other option is to come to my convenient downtown studio. The example shown here is in an office - that’s how we get the cool environment in the background.


Editorial Style or Plain Background?

There are two styles you can choose from. If all you need is a super quick plain background or canvas background we can do that but what most people request these days is an editorial style shot - that looks like it’s from a magazine. It will have a higher-end look and position you accordingly. The two options are priced differently which you can see in my pricelist.


Will I need my hair and makeup professionally done?

For most women the answer is yes. For most men, no. I work with some excellent stylists who can handle this and make you look fabulous for the camera. This is an extra charge and is on the pricelist. The photo to the left is an example of a portrait taken with a plain background.